Trailerparks are a lot more common in germany than charging points are. Dont ask gas stations for electric power. So Trailerparks with their CEE 240V/16A blue sockets are a natural place to charge our i-MiEV when we have to extend our range.

In industry and public buildings CEE 400V/16A and CEE 400V/32A are standart. This socket is red and I guess it is the same as CEE 500V/16A on other continents. 400V means 3 phases with 240V each of them. Farmers very often use these for their equipment. So another place to charge from.

The little blue ones are the infamous local Schuko sockets. Each country in europe do have their own and none of them is fit to draw 16A for any length of time.

This is my favourite. It is feed by 5 lines 400V/32A and delivers via 4 sockets CEE 400V/32A. The 5th line is split feeding 3 times 4 Schukos, each of them 8A.

On stage is another place to meet CEE sockets and plugs of all types.

Here is my EVSE and my adapters. Left to right, black, the infamous Schuko plug. My EVSE used to wear a Schuko but when that started smudging (I prefer grass not plastics) I replaced it with a blue CEE 240V/16A). Next the CEE 240V/16A or caravan plug. Red is CEE 400V/16A and CEE 400V/32A. All my adapters and length extenders end in a CEE 240V/16A coupling (Socket) with a lid (bottom left). The plug has got a hook that locks with the lid. So you have to open the lid a bit to unplug.